Some late-night conversations with befriended photographers resulted in the idea, and realization, of our own Publishing House 'The Falabella Stable'. 

A creative playground with a focus on photo books aiming for the smaller stories in life. Just like the Falabella horse we like it small, cozy, unpretentious and fun.

Whatever surprises us, makes us laugh or even cry, might be our next publication! 


Main mission?

The Falabella Stable aims to fill the existing gap between large established publishing houses and the self-publishing market. We tend to work on a smaller scale in every aspect than commercial publishers, but at the same time we do offer a platform for photographers for whom self-publishing isn’t an evident choice.

Our mission is to create photo books of projects that surprise us, whether in a creative, emotional or conceptual way. In our experience, these projects are often overlooked because of their lack of commercial value or the photographer’s lack of personal experience to make it all happen.

We aim to publish unpretentious books in limited editions for fair prices, mainly sold through our webshop.This creates a context that makes it possible to publish small scaled projects. Whether it’s the first publication of a young photographer or an unforeseen/short-term project by an established photographer.


Extra mission?

The Falabella Stable tries to connect each publication to a charity chosen by its photographer. Currently, some profits of our books go to Doctors Without Borders and Bird Conservation Program.



We’re always open for submissions by any photographer who’s work might fit in our stable.


Who are we? 

The Falabella Stable is Anton, Frederik and Eva.


Anton Coene - Founder/Managing director

For Anton, photography is intrinsically linked to music. For the past decade, he evolved from documenting bands in shitty vans and shabby venues, into an acclaimed music photographer collaborating with some of Europe’s finest musicians. In between the chaotic world of touring, Anton started toying with the idea of founding a small publishing house, focussing on tiny projects and stories, which eventually was realized with the publication of ‘LODE’.

With The Falabella Stable, he wants to create a platform for and by photographers.



Frederik Buyckx – Creative Director

Frederik first got a degree in Advertising Design before he decided to focus on photography. In his 10-year career as a freelance photographer he has worked for both national and international media. Besides these assignments, Frederik has always been working on personal documentary projects. His personal work won several awards including a World Press Photo Award and the title of Photographer of the Year 2017 at the Sony World Photography Awards. After having published 3 books – Horse Head / Jesus, Make-up and Football / Moving Albania – he experienced the joy of publishing low-key and unpretentious work, while creating his first small photo book ‘Xavier’. 

Being part of The Falabella Stable as a Creative Director, he wants to support other photographers to do the same.



Eva Vlonk - Project Manager 

From a very young age, Eva started experimenting with old cameras and faded film and could mostly be found tangled up in small dark rooms. After studying photography in Antwerp, she started combining her own work with assignments for several magazines. She has been involved in numerous cultural projects and events, often mixing different disciplines.

Whilst brainstorming on the start of The Falabella Stable, we discovered Eva’s feel for organization, that’s why she is the perfect project manager - yay!



Arne Depuydt - Contributing Designer

Arne is creative director at De Morgen and co-founder of creative studio CF. (confer) 

Being a contributor for The Falabella Stable, Arne has been designing most of our publications.





The Falabella Stable is part of VZW Skroeft
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